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"We lost our family pet a few months ago. It was really hard on my husband. I had been looking for something to gift him where we could place some of her ashes and this is exactly what we needed. The beautiful crystal is small enough to put anywhere you want but that when you glance at it, you’re reminded of their beautiful life they had. And when the light hits it, our other dogs go crazy, which just reminds us of how they used to play when they were together."

- Mariel L 


"I love that I can choose to either sit it on a shelf or hang it next to my window. I was able to put a string through the top to hang it next to my window. My sweet fur baby Foxy passed away at the age of 17 and seeing the rainbow reflect on to the wall when the sun light hits her new urn makes just brings joy to my heart. You can’t fit a lot of ashes in there, but it’s still a great product. I highly recommend if you are sharing ashes with someone or for someone that just lost their fur baby. This is perfect for any fur baby as well."

- Kalena L


"This is small and compact. It’s not the best quality but it’s a nice gesture/gift to offer to someone who has just lost their pet. I wish the crystal sparkled a bit more."

- Alyssa C.


"I love it. Not to big or small just perfect. Pretty thing to add to my angels memories" 

- Zoni


"This was much smaller than I expected in person. It is not meant to hold all the ashes from a pet. I believe it is more to hold a very small amount or a small momento. That being said, it is a very nice small piece. It works well in a sunny location. The top has a hole should you choose to hang it instead of setting it somewhere."

 - Rebecca  


"Very special gift and I highly recommend." 

- Caroline  


"This is the 4th one I have purchased. I have one, and have bought 3 for gifts. They are absolutely beautiful, and a wonderful tribute for your fur baby."

- Meg F


"I purchased two of these gorgeous crystals, one for myself, and one for a friend. In the right light, rainbows fill the house! I have my precious dog’s fur in mine, and my friend has her boys ashes in hers. It feels like our pets are visiting when we see the rainbows."

 - Tracey  


"A beautiful and lasting way to commemorate a lost furry family member." 

- Angela 


 "Absolutely beautiful! I purchased this item for friends after one of their precious fur babies passed. I was looking online for the right gift for a couple days. As soon as I saw this item, I knew it was the right gift. They love it and what it represents. It looks beautiful at their window which gets a lot of afternoon sun."

- Sharon J